This is where I appear to have it all together yet manage to be strangely approachable, in-progress and tastefully authentic. Hopefully, as I continue to write here you’ll be able to piece me together and come to your own kind conclusions.

I’m a Christian man who is playfully serious about seeing God’s reign unfold in my life and surroundings by the holy sweat of the Spirit and to the praise of the Son, Jesus. I’ve been given my love, Rachelle in marriage and we have two boys and another child on the way.

I’m a church planter by trade and pastor in practice to a growing community of disciples and disciple makers in Vancouver, BC. I’m Canadian too, and as it goes obsessed with hockey. I write about theology, culture and spiritual formation.

I should mention, I also have a thing for the outdoors. In fact, most of my sermons are written in some remote forest, beach or prairie of the Fraser Valley (think St. Francis),  before the wild creatures of our God where his creative love is my only distraction.

Thanks for reading,